Throughout my career in the cycling industry I have been featured in numerous print and web interviews, features, and other content from around the world.


The Gravel Lot Podcast

In June 2019 sat down with Jon and Doug from The Gravel Lot podcast to chat about diversity & inclusion and why it is critically important right now in the sport and industry of cycling. This talk was a TON of fun! This was proof that challenging topics like this can be discussed openly and with humor. Oh, and we also discussed ska music, dogs, and created the sport of enduroad. Enjoy!

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Pretty Damned Fast

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 11.37.51 PM

In the summer of 2018 I sat down with Anna Maria Wolf from the women’s cycling blog Pretty Damned Fast to discuss working in the bike industry, some of the stuff I have done in my career, and how I balance life, work, and bicycle racing.

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In the News

Feature on Outsports

From the 2020 GLAAD Award nominated article by Cyd Zeigler on Outsports.

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Other Writing

“True Trans Bike Rebel”

Released in November, 2018, “True Trans Bike Rebel” is issue #15 of the zine “Taking the Lane”. This issue features essays, stories, and artwork by transgender, non-binary, and intersex authors and artists relating to their experiences in the cycling world. My short essay “Finding Fear, Validation, and Community” is featured on pages 69-76.

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