I am passionate about the sport of cycling and about getting more people onto bikes!

For me, bicycles aren’t only a job, but a way of life. I am committed to breaking down barriers of entry to make cycling more open and inclusive to a diverse audience of riders, both in North America and around the world.

I have been passionate about riding and racing bicycles for over 25-years, I have ridden bikes on all but one continent and have raced a wide range of disciplines; from road and cross, to downhill and enduro mountain bikes, and even a little bit of BMX.

Over the past two decades I have integrated my passion for cycling into my career through my work within the cycling industry. I have held roles in product management, marketing, team management, and branding with some of the sport’s most influential brands.

If your brand or company needs input or assistance on elevating your products to the next level I am here to help! Check out my LinkedIn profile for details on my body of work within the cycling industry or drop me a message on the Contact Form.

Featured Image: Sven Martin, Trans-Provence, June 2017
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